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Why Do You Need a Coworking Space?

By Benjamin Dyett

Because you can’t learn anything about business from your dog.

Recently, I’ve come across a frightening number of potential Grindists who are choosing to work from home instead of a shared workspace. Their excuse for not working out of a place like Grind is generally the same: the cost of joining a collaborative workspace outweighs the benefits.

I beg to differ.

Of course you save money by working from home and not paying for an office, but for most entrepreneurs that savings is only achieved by starving your business.  In addition, the distractions of working from home are unending: laundry, a check-in call with your in-laws, dishes, yard work, honey-do lists, children, pets, the list goes on. Perhaps the greatest con of working from home as an entrepreneur, though, is the loss of organic collaboration opportunities.  A pile of dirty laundry never moved me to rethink any aspect of my business and I cannot fathom that my dog, Shikoba (shown in the above pic), could ever care more about my P&L than the muffin the little girl is eating or help me meet new mentors or prospective collaborators.  Yet everyday at Grind, I see my members engaging in spontaneous, powerful, and profitable conversations with their fellow Grindists that often lead to incredible outcomes.  

I’m obviously a big supporter of entrepreneurs, and am constantly in awe of their fearlessness and bravery, but I can’t help but feel that these folks who make a conscious decision to work from home are only doing a disservice to themselves in the long-run. It begs the question: If, as an entrepreneur, you’re not willing to invest your money in your own business, then why should your clients trust their business to you?  I’ve met a lot of smart businesspeople at Grind and the most successful of them would never dare to think that they know everything, nor would they ever pass up an opportunity to meet someone new and exchange expertise.  That’s what a coworking space is all about for entrepreneurs.

In thinking all this over and talking with some entrepreneurs who work out of Grind, I’ve come up with 5 simple reasons why shifting your office out of your spare bedroom and into a shared workspace is a really good idea:

  1. You can’t help but feel inspired by the smart and driven entrepreneurs around you on a daily basis.
  2. As a result of #1, you’ll see your motivation and productivity increase significantly.
  3. It’s a (free) chance to learn from other people’s failures (and successes!).
  4. You’re able to clearly see the trends in your industry firsthand, opening doors for constant growth and development of your own business ideas.
  5. You get the opportunity to collaborate with other engaged people who have a different perspective on what you’re doing.

In the end, though, it comes down to the fact that we’re all human, and we like to be around other humans.  The life of a freelancer or entrepreneur can be a lonely one, if you don’t put yourself out there and join a community of likeminded people.  We like to think that Grind is just that—an entrepreneurial utopia—and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

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