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Three reasons why Snapchat is the future of Social Media

I was always the person who refused to download Snapchat. I mean, I just didn’t get it. What in the world is a ‘filter’? Is it like a Brita filter? Fast forward to today and you will find me on Snapchat at any given time of the day. From capturing my post-graduate adventures, to capturing the wonky and interesting sights of New York City, Snapchat is an app like no other. It brings personality. It puts the social in social media.

And that’s why Snapchat is on the cusp of something extraordinary. It’s why brands should start taking this platform seriously and see the real benefits it will have on your business. So here are just a few reasons why Snapchat is the future of social media.

It’s wildly popular with young people

This year, Snapchat took the crown for the most popular social media network among teenagers. In a study, more than 28% of teens felt the app is the most important social network, besting Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Not to say that Instagram isn’t important. I mean, its vital we show off our brunch pictures with the Nashville filter. However, Snapchat is clearly providing more engaging content to young users than other apps are. Take Snapchat’s Discover section for instance. It gives anyone with a smartphone the ability to catch a glimpse of a high profile event or a city around the world in 10 seconds or less from celebrities or complete strangers. Last year’s MTV VMAs Snapchat Story garnered 12 million views, largely from a millennial audience.

It’s safe to say that if you’re a brand looking to appeal to a younger crowd, Snapchat is where its at.

It’s interactive as hell

Snapchat filters are changing the game. There’s simply no other social app that instantly transforms your face into a cute puppy or alters your voice to that of a high-pitched animated character or lets you brag about your Friday night out with cool geofilters.

On top of all of that, sharing is simple, keeping you inside the app and avoiding those third party sharing permissions you would see on Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the engagment rate on Snapchat is at least 400% more than the rate on Instagram. This makes the jobs of content creators enormously easier, giving them a platform to dish out content that they know their audience will eat up.

There’s a level playing field for everyone

What really differentiates Snapchat from its social competitors is its lack of an algorithm. Why does this matter? There’s no great and powerful formula controlling which content you see. Smaller brands have an equal opportunity to share stories with its audience.

But if you do want to have an edge over other Snapchat users, you can pay up by purchasing your own customized filter and geofencing a location for users nearby to interact with.

Fun fact: I’m the Social Media Editor for Major League Quidditch. Last month we had our annual championship in League City, Texas (just outside of Houston) and we purchased a customized geofilter for only $34. The results were extraordinary. The filter was used more than 200 times, received over 16,000 views and Major League Quidditch trended on Twitter!

Obviously, there are so many more reasons that prove just how transformative Snapchat is for social media. But before jumping all in on, understand your audience and the content they interact with most. It’s okay if you conclude that Snapchat isn’t right for your brand right now, but make sure you’re keep tabs on the ever-changing world of social.

And while we’re on the subject, follow grind.spaces on Snapchat!

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