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5 ways to avoid burnout in coworking spaces

We love our members who are constantly hustling. There’s nothing more inspiring to us than a well-oiled coworking community that makes sh*t happen on a daily basis. However, it’s important to also recognize limits and to find a work-life balance. It’s why we like to remind our members, if today feels just like yesterday, something’s wrong.

The future of work no longer describes the physical building where we conduct business, but also the manner in which we do so. It’s why so many coworking spaces prioritize community events and activities to avoid widespread burnout. We’re looking out for our members by compiling five helpful tips that will help you stay on task and keep you at 100 all day.

Don’t sit in the same seat every day

Sometimes getting comfortable in a specific place can be a bad thing. Remember in elementary school when you switched desks every couple of months? Maybe that’s not such a bad format to follow once again. Not only does changing your seat help you reset mentally, it can also help improve your job performance and creativity. Sit in a quiet area on Monday and move to the more collaborative open space on Tuesday. It might help more than you think!

Walk around the space (or the block) once or twice a day

Mayo Clinic recommends the average person get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. However, that’s not exactly practical for the modern entrepreneur. If you fall into this category, try getting up from your chair for 10-15 minutes a day and walk around the workspace or even take a walk around NoMad. By removing yourself from your desk and brightly-lit computer screen, you are giving your brain a break from the hustle and increasing blood flow to the more relaxed parts of your body, such as your arms and legs.

Drink more cups of water during the day than cups of coffee

Sorry to break it to you, but coffee won’t solve all your problems! As a matter of fact, consuming too much coffee during the workday can actually hurt your work performance, while also irritating your stomach. A nice cold glass of water doesn’t just keep you hydrated, it keeps your brain sharp. You could even add a splash of lemon or lime juice to help you acquire some good ol’ natural vitamins!

Make a task list and stick to it

Before you leave work every day, write down a list of tasks you want to complete with set goal times. When you put yourself on a schedule, you’re more likely to stay motivated and fulfill your obligations.

Learn to say no

What people find so appealing about being a freelancer is the balance of getting sh*t done with establishing one’s own schedule. However, one shouldn’t confuse that with being on call 24/7. Pour your heart and soul into your work, but remember that not all projects are created equal. Pursue work and clients that mean something to you rather than accepting gigs just to collect a check.


Do you have any recommendations for those that run risk of burnout? Share the wealth in our comment section!

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