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15 tweets from people who really really need a coworking space

Let’s face it: coworking rocks. Working in a space that’s flexible and conforms to your needs makes your job something you love to do rather than what you need to do. Unfortunately, not everyone has it this way. Corporate workers spend all day underneath fluorescent lights, drink terribly bitter coffee, and make up rows upon rows of gray-ish cubicles. Eek!

We compiled a list of tweets from people who really, really need a coworking space, like…right now. Sit back, sip your Irving Farm coffee or Mem Tea, and enjoy.

Show up at noon and leave at 4 p.m. We won’t tell.

Cut ties with the #corporatelife.

It’s hard to hate your life at Grind, where the coffee and snacks are free and collaboration is constantly flowing.

Grind is filled with inspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers who love striking up conversations.

Roll into work like Paris Hilton if you think that’s hot.

Some people just want some damn peace and quiet! Grind NoMad has plenty of quiet areas for introverted entrepreneurs.

We follow a strict no cubicles rule around here!

If you’re working past 5 o’clock you’ll be happy to know that we have an assortment of drinks available in the cafe. Go ahead, no one’s judging.

As we like to say, love what you do or do something else.

An unmentioned perk of coworking: work when YOU want.


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