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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about Grind. If you need specific help or
your question isn’t answered here, you should head here. You can also read our
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Nope! Grind does not require reservations. Come in anytime during our business hours and pick your seat! To use a conference room, make a reservation via our "Bookings" tab on this page's main menu.
Tap your access card on the reader at the front desk and you’re all set! Whoever is at the desk will make sure that you’re all checked in, and we’ll let you know if there are any problems.
The more the merrier! Each Grindist has two (2) free guest hours every day. Once those hours are used, we will charge you $40 for each guest and they can stay for the whole day.
Monthly, Moonlighter and Daily members cannot reserve seats in the open areas but can reserve conference rooms. Dedicated seating and Private Offices are available as membership options.
Yes. Leave your items at your seat—we are fully staffed at all times and carefully monitor the space to insure your items stay where you left them.
Yes. We have conference rooms that accommodate from four to 50. These can be rented by the hour and booked online via the "Bookings" tab on this page's main menu or at the front desk. Most have an HDMI-compatible screen, a whiteboard, a webcam, and a Polycom conference phone. Please let us know 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel your reservation.
Members—except Dailies—are charged monthly on the first of the month. But don’t worry, you can start your membership on any day of the month, we’ll just pro-rate it. Dailies are charged at midnight on days you have checked into Grind. All your excess costs that day (check-in, conference rooms, printing) will be charged to your card at midnight. If you have any questions about billing, please talk to us! You can ask your Operations Manager, call us at (212) 381-7372, or e-mail us at membership@grind.work.
No member is required to make a deposit unless you have rented a private office. Pay for your first month and start working immediately. Private Office members pay their first month and a security deposit upon signing their agreement.
Yes, but you must give notice prior to your date of renewal to change or cancel. Dedicated members must give 60 days’s notice to change to Monthly or Daily. Other members must give 30 days’s notice to change from Monthly, Moonlighter, or Conference Room membership to Daily. Once you’re a Daily member, you’re a member for life! You won’t be charged for anything unless you use the space.
Simply go to "Log In" on the main menu on this page and you'll be able to update all your account details.
Of course you can! Each Grind location has a large Canon all-in-one printer/copier/scanner and our faxing is done through e-fax. Private Offices are allocated $100/month for printing. Dedicated and Monthly members and Moonlighters get a $20 per month printing allowance. Daily Members are charged per copy. Printing costs 10 cents for each black and white page, and 35 cents for each color print.
We will install printer software onto your computer via a flash drive. Ask for the drive, the instructions or help at our front desk and we'll make sure you can print. Once the software is installed, send your project to the printer, tap your RFID card on the printer reader and print.
No but all our spaces have ethernet so you can set up your own VoIP system.
Yes. Computer monitors are available for Grindists, first come, first served, at no charge. They use an HDMI input, but you can borrow an adapter from the front desk.
Yes. This is your office so make calls as needed. But please remember, it’s also your neighbors’ work space. We have designated phone booths and seating pods and encourage you to use them if you plan on a phone call longer than 5 minutes.
Each Monthly member gets their own dedicated locker with a combination lock. Dedicated members get a two-drawer, lockable filing cabinet.
Sure! Just ask anyone on the Grind team to grab it for you. If we don’t have something you use regularly, we can add it to our next office supply order.
Absolutely! Label it, refrigerate it, enjoy it. Just remember we clean out the fridge every Friday at 5 pm and anything unaccounted for, visibly old or crawling towards the door will be thrown out.
Caffeine is important to all of us so we serve Irving Farm coffees and assorted Mem Teas. We also have filtered water in all our kitchens. Feel free to grab a glass as you please. Each location also hosts a Grind Happy Hour once a week so you can meet your fellow Grindists.
Yes. Every Grindist can use Grind’s address. To receive mail, address it to your permanent Grind location. We’ll receive your mail, put it aside, and give it to you when you’re at Grind. Your Company Name 1216 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10001 or Your Company Name 140 West St, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10001
We love furry friends just as much as you do, but unfortunately pets are not allowed in any of our locations, apart from exceptional circumstances. Contact your Operations Manager.
You bet you do! For each member you refer, you get a credit to your account. Email sales@grind.work for more info.
We’re industry agnostic—we’ve got architects, lawyers, brand strategists, venture capitalists, fashion designers, and everything in-between. There are solopreneurs, small teams, large teams, and remote workers. We also strive to maintain a true gender balance in all locations.
Grind is a collaborative space, so we encourage members to meet and mingle. We also have happy hours, member-run clubs, and many other networking opportunities for our community to meet on a regular basis. If all that fails, just contact your Operations Manager for an intro.
Grind is a member of the League of Extraordinary Coworking (LExC) spaces, known as LExC, which gives our members access to workspaces across the country. There is no charge for the first visit to a workspace each year, and all visits after that are at the workspace’s normal daily rate. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, email us at dallas@grind.work and we will get you squared away.